Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cupcake Corner

Happy Thursday Everyone.........

Do any of you even remember what cupcake corner is? It has been way to long since I last shared with you my little cupcakes projects. I started cupcakes corner way back to share my kids crafty projects. Today I had to share with you my daughter Alyvia's project she just did for school and I am beyond proud of her, she got 1st place for her class!!!
Her book float on the Trumpeter of the Swan. She came up with all of the ideas, Alyssa and I just helped her a little put it all together.

Swan's and Trumpet - Joy of the Season Cartridge

Alyvia and Alyssa working on Alyvia's project.

Today in my girls last day of school, then the cupcakes are off to spend the summer with Grandparents and Cousins. They are beyond excited!!!!!!! Not sure what I will do with myself without them, at least I still have my baby. I am sure I will find lots of time to craft.

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ScrappingStephanie said...

Wow this is amazing. There is something about it that is very very peaceful. I love the sky and the clouds. Those swans are just adorable. Please tell the girls I love it:)


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