Thursday, July 7, 2011

Oh Where, Oh Where Have You Been????

Hi my crafty friends,
I know it has been to long since I last posted!! I exceptionally know this when even my hubby said yesterday, "why have you not blogged in so long", lol. I am sorry I have not been in a very crafty mood, which is hard to believe since I only have one cupcake at home. My other 4 cupcakes are spending almost a month in Wisconsin with family (Grandparents, Cousins & Aunt and Uncles) and being royally spoiled. This is our first summer being separated and I am having a hard time with it. I have told my cupcakes they need to just enjoy themselves, they only get to see them all twice a year. I guess I should listen to my own advise and enjoy my time with only one cupcake and be productive!! At the moment it is a little hard to get anything done at my craft desk also, it is a disaster! It is covered with ribbon for making hair bows, a card I have in the process and another project I have going. I was going to show you a picture but I think you would be scared, hehehe..... Well, maybe I should clean it off and get something productive done. I had so many things planned to do while they are away but then I got in this funk and missing them like crazy I have not wanted to do anything. Ok so enough winning, I am going to get off my butt and craft!! Thank you for listening and I will have something crafty to share very soon!!!


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