Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Busy Busy, prepairing for school.....

Good Afternoon my Crafty friends!!

I am so sorry for the lack of posts. I have been so busy prepairing for my cupcakes to go back to school. Uniforms to prepair, school suppiles to line up and just the everyday being a mom and wife has kept me so busy. Can you believe I have not stepped foot in my craft area in over 2 weeks, ekkkkk!

My cupcakes are all in school today, today is Zander's first day of Pre K. He looked so handsom in his uniform!! Here are a few pictures of them all ready for school.

 First day of Pre K.

 Aubrey - 1st Grade, Alyvia - 3rd Grade, Autumn 19 months,
 Alyssa -6th Grade & Aleczander - Pre K

It is so crazy to me how fast my cupcakes are growing up!!! Time is really flying by!

This is my front door, it really does not look like a home of a crafty Mom!! I need your help or opinion. What does it need, what should I do?? I have a few ideas but what do you think???


Simple Creations said...

My oldest starts preschool next week. So we took a bike ride today to the park. Trying to get as much fun in as we can.
Autumn is getting so big!
Front Door: You could get an Autumn Wreath and hang it on the door & put some Mum(plants) in some pots on both sides of the door. There is so much fun decor for fall.


Letillia said...

They all are So Beautiful! My kids started school Tuesday and they were Super Duper Excited and so was I ;) I always like to place a nice Seasonal Wreath (that I have created myself)and a cute little rug to match to dress my door up a little!

janner said...

You have a beautiful family. They are more important than posting a project at this busy time. I always hang a seasonal wreath on my door but you have a beautiful window in your door.I wouldn't cover it. What about something tall beside your door? A topiary with 3 large balls of greenery and flowers or other embellishments or hang a decorated sign beside it. I'm sure it will be outstanding when you're done.

DIANA L. said...

What a lovely family your children are all so cute!!!
I have something for you on my Blog

DIANA L. said...

Ps Christi My stamps arrived Yeah I posted something on the ROAR!!!!
Thank you so much.


Ellen ♥ CardMonkey said...

Hi Cristi! I came for the My Pink Stamper hop and stayed to comment on your beautiful family!! What little sweeties your cupcakes are! They seem to adore each other, you can see that in the pictures -- even though your life may be hectic, I envy it!! So many hugs!! Enjoy these wonderful back-to-school days, and quiet times with Autumn. You know, I keep saying ... cupcakes come in packs of half-a-dozen. What are you waiting for?! LOL.

Love your posts, Cristi. And I'm ALL with you on not getting into the craft room. {{HUGS}} to one of my very favorite bloggers!

Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

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