Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall Wreath

Hi everyone, I hope you had a wonderful weekend. My little boy turned 5 on Sunday, which I can not believe. He is growing up so fast! We had a little party for him to celebrate and my oldest daughter Alyssa made him a cake, so sweet!! I will be sharing those pictures later this week.

So on to my project today. I saw the wreath Lauren from Lauren Creative made a few weeks ago and fell in LOVE! I just had to recreate it or more like copy its every detail!! I love everything about her beautiful wreath. I never thought I could make my wreath even anything close to as pretty as Lauren's and I was surprised and excited how with how my wreath turned out, I LOVE IT!!!

I might have to take a new picture so you cant see my reflection and so much light reflection.

My sweet friend Trish asked me to do a tutorial on how I made my wreath. I really copied Lauren's directions she linked to but here is my take on how to recreate this beautiful wreath.

First the Supplies you need to get started:

Hot Glue Gun (I am now wanting a cordless one & protectors so I don't burn my fingers)
Wire Cutter
Very Sharp Scissors
14" Straw Wreath (leave plastic on)
(3) Acorn Picks
Pepper berry Pick
Green Yarn (I Used Yarn by Vanna White)
Brown (Multi-colored) Yarn
Brown Ribbon
(5) Sheets of 9 x 12 Felt
Lets get started....
First wrap your wreath with yarn, just to warn you find a good movie, curl up and start wrapping. This process took me well over 2 hours maybe almost 3. I tried to be perfect but it was impossible, after it was completely wrapped I went back through and covered the wholes. I used almost a whole skein of yarn.

Then tie the yarn in the back in a knot.

Sorry I did not take a picture of wrapping the brown multi yarn. I just tied a knot in the back to secure the brown yarn to the green, then wrapped the yarn in an x pattern like Lauren did and then tied another knot to secure it again.

This is what is looked like before embellishments.

Now lets make a few flowers. I created my Mums by cutting 4 - 1" x 12" strips from felt. I wanted some smaller mums also and cut 4 - 1" x 9" strips.

Then cut slits leaving about 1/4" or less. I used the grid on my mat to cut the slits some what evenly.

Do this to all of the strips while your hot glue gun is warming up.

 Now put a strip of hot glue and start rolling. I put a 6" strip of hot glue, rolled and then repeated till your mum is all rolled.

 Then is looks like this when complete, thankfully no one can see underneath.

 And they are that simple. I think they are so cute!!

Now to create the felt rolled flower click HERE for the step by step instructions from a previous post. I created paper rolled flowers in that tutorial but you create them exactly the same but I used hot glue gun to adhere the flower together. I created 2 different size flowers, so I cut my circles at 5" & 6 ".

The acorns and berries

First I cut pieces off of the berries and acorns, then layed them down. I glued them to the wreath, don't worry it looks like a mess when you are doing it but you will cover it with the flowers.  

 Then I added the flowers.

My complete wreath!

Thank you Lauren so much for the inspiration!!! I am so please I was able to create something even a tiny pit as beautiful as you create!!!!


jen said...

Cristi this came out gorgeous!! Fantastic job. Thanks for sharing.

TheIrishScrapper said...


What a beautiful wreath! Great job - I think I could even do this. I may copy you and Lauren :) Shannon

Lisa's Creative Niche said...

absolutely beautiful! And thank you for the step by step, I love it... hmmm... another thing I must try!

Trisha said...

Love this!!! Thank you sooo much for doing this tutorial.....I'm totally going to try this out.

Missy said...

This is SO cute, I love those felt flowers you created! Great work!!

LEEANN said...

This turned out beautifully. Love it. I may have to make one myself.

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