Monday, July 30, 2012

Camera Strap Cover.....

Good Morning Crafty Friends,

Today I am sharing with you a sewing project I just finished.  Yes, you read it right sewing.  I broke out my new sewing machine my hubby bought me for my birthday.  I had been begging for a new sewing machine for awhile so when he surprised me with the one I had been dreaming of I was beyond thrilled!!  But then it came and I was intimidated by it. It is all electronic and I am not that sew savvy, so it really scared me!!!  It sat in the box for a few days till my hubby took it out of its prison but then it sat there for a few month before my Mother in law broke it for me.  Well, I did finally use it with her help and created a few adorable little ties for the boys for my sister in laws wedding. I have yet to share them with you; I will have to do that soon. I have since then learned how to use the sewing machine on my own and I love it!!  It is an amazing machine and I love to use it but still intimidates me a little though!!
I found this awesome tutorial from Amanda HERE, isn't Amanda AMAZING!!! I decided to leave the ruffles off for this strap cover but I figured out how to add a pocket for a lens cap. I was impressed with myself since I am not that sew savvy. Well, I did not take pictures of my step by step process of the pocket but I will while I make the next camera strap cover for myself with the ruffles of course!!

Thank you for stopping by today and always leaving me such sweet comments!!!


flowerdisco said...

really cool!
i had to stop and tell you i got mine last oct as a xmas gift and i still haven't tried the embroidery part. i had to laugh when i read your post and i have to tell my hubby i am not the only one, lol.
i better make time to learn how to use it,:P

Missy said...

Great project, that fabric is so pretty!!

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