Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hoo's Ready For Schoool???

Have you been wondering what happened to Cristi??  I am still here just trying not to loose my mind.  So much has been going on, we have been crazy busy with so many changes all at once!!!  I am sure most every ones kiddos are in full swing in the new school year and all adjusted.  Well, I can't say that for my little cupcakes... We just made a huge decision to move all of the kids to the public school. We had been praying and praying about it and we just felt it was what was best for our family. So, today was their first day and from what I saw and heard from them all they had great days. I am just praying for an easy transition, favor, awesome new friends for them and wonderful teachers.

So I have been crafting just not been able to take a few minutes to post, who am I kidding it takes me at least 40 minutes to write up a post. HEHEHEEE

Today I want to share with you the project my friend Carrie and I made to decorate her classroom using only the Cricut, paper, and adhesives. 

I will be back later today to add the measurements and what cartridge all of the cuts are from. Carrie and I had so much fun decorating her classroom!!!


snappy scrappy said...

So cute!! Lee-Ann :)

Creative M said...

Super Duper Cute!Awesome!TFS

Missy said...

She has to have the best bulletin boards in the building!!! Hope your kids transition well....the homneschooled kids I've had always seem to be fantastic!!! :)

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